Differently Abled Children's Fun Day Rotary Blenheim stepped up to host a celebration of the opening of Differently Abled Children Marlborough's inclusive equipment playground in Pollard Park.
How to celebrate the opening of a new playground?

Differently Abled Children Marlborough is a group created by families with children with disabilities. They took on the enormous task of raising funds to install playground equipment designed for differently Abled children in Blenheim's Pollard Park. 
Rotary Blenheim celebrated the opening of the playground with a free fun day for kids and families!
It was an absolute success with many groups in Marlborough supporting. St John, The Fire Brigade and the Police were there to let people have a look at their vehicles, Rotary ran a free bbq and offered free Mr Whippy and free coffee. 
Rotary Blenheim had also been a major donor of this project which also includes a wheelchair liberty swing.