Rotary Response to Christchurch Terror Event

Make a donation to a Rotary Fund
Riccarton Rotary is managing a fund for this purpose. It is: Riccarton Rotary, acct no. 03 0823 0350538 00. In the reference box put: Mosque Appeal.
For Additional Banking Details, esp. if donating from overseas, see the end of the full story (Read More).
See also (in Read More) the note from Shane Murdoch (President of Riccarton Rotary) on plans for the use of donated funds

From DG John Driscoll
I know you will all join me in utterly condemning the senseless and cruel events of yesterday. Rotary is about building communities, not tearing them down, and we must act accordingly in our response to this attack.
Please join with me in supporting the appeal detailed below by the Presidents of the three clubs with areas most affected.
Rotary can and must demonstrate its primary purpose in the days ahead and always....doing good in the world.
DG John
From the Club Presidents......
There are no words to sufficiently express the enormous sense of sadness and outrage regarding Friday's events and the immense impact this has had on the local Muslim communities in the areas of the Riccarton, Linwood-Woolston and Ferrymead clubs and on our wider community as a whole.
At an appropriate time in the near future we will seek to make contact directly with local leaders in the Muslim community to see how Rotarians can offer further support.
In the meantime, we can act now by making a significant donation to a Rotary fund that has been set up to support the victims of this devastating attack.
We are asking all clubs within our district to make a donation towards this fund, which will be made as a joint donation and message of support from all Rotarians in our district.
We also condemn in the strongest terms the base values and attitudes directed towards our migrant community who have just as many rights as we all do to live life free from violence and prejudice. Those values are a complete anathema to the values of Rotary.
Please support this appeal generously by making a donation to the account on the front page.
Yours in Rotary
Shane Murdoch- President, Riccarton
Theresa Shaugnessy-President, Linwood/Woolston
Barbara Crooks- President, Ferrymead
Additional Banking Details:
If you need to send a cheque, make it out to "Rotary Club of Riccarton", and endorse it on the back as "Mosque Appeal", and send to PO Box 8073, Riccarton, Christchurch 8440.
For donations from outside NZ, the Bank is "Westpac", the Branch is "Riccarton", the Bank's address is 129 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand, and the Swift Code is WPACNZ2W. The account name is "Rotary Club of Riccarton". The Westpac Bank does not use an IBAN number.
Putting the Donated Funds to Good Use
Hi all,
Our intention is to give the funds directly and quickly to an agency or agencies directly working on the ground and in the middle of the Muslim community in Christchurch and I have identified three so far to consider. It is not intended at this stage to tag money for any specific purpose or to tell them how it should be spent other than in direct support of the victims as they see fit. I do believe we can have faith in these people to use the money in this way.
This has been an initial response with a short term injection of cash to help which is desperately needed. I think we can possibly think about closing this soon so we get the money to them. Have had some thoughts about stage 2 and that may be a more longer term fund developed to assist with ongoing needs.
Through stage 1 I hope to establish relationships with local people in the Muslim community (which we don't currently have in our club) and start discussions about stage 2. Clubs that are not keen to give their funds on trust but wish to have have more specific detail and projects tagged should probably hold off.
I've had numerous discussions with club presidents on this. Some are happy with stage 1, others are more concerned about knowing where the money will be spent which is fair enough and may be willing to support stage 2. I think there is enough support there for both.
President, Riccarton Rotary