District 9970 provides 'back-office support' to the 31 Rotary Clubs in the upper South Island of New Zealand and coordinates activities in which many or all of these clubs participate...
However, the Rotary Club is the heart of Rotary and for most purposes your point of contact with Rotary will be a specific Rotary Club, or Rotarian within that club. So, after perusing this District 9970 website, pick a club local to you and contact them via their website (see club websites under the INFORMATION, then FOR EVERYONE links at the top of this screen) for further information on Rotary or on any Rotary project.
But before doing that, also see our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/district9970 for an overview of recent activities around our district.
Alternately, if you are looking to contact Rotary in other parts of New Zealand, click here.