Greymouth RotaryCath Moffitt took office on 1 July as the President of Greymouth Rotary; and at this time next year, President Elect Jo Hart will step into the role.  That makes them the third and fourth women in a row to lead this West Coast club. 
Greymouth Rotary stands apart in that it not only has more women than men members, but that for four years running the Presidents will all have been women.  All four are educators: Trish Roney, President of the 2019-2020 year, taught Social Sciences at Grey High School; 2020-2021 President Tania Stoop is Administrator at Paroa School; Art and Technology teacher Cath Moffitt is the current President; and next year tertiary lecturer and trainer President elect Jo Hart will step into the role.

Which goes a long way towards blowing apart the oft-held and out-dated image of Rotary being a club for rich old men!
New Rotary projects underway in Greymouth include the introduction of the Greymouth Rotary Scholarship, which recognises and rewards Grey District students who exhibit community mindfulness. Three $1,000 scholarships were presented in December.  Another new project was the building and installation of a Bra Box at the Unichem Pharmacy to collect bras for women and girls in the Pacific Islands - already 600 bras have been sent.

As well as fundraising and volunteering at community events, Rotarians also planted and maintained young kowhai trees at Te Nikau hospital. Rotarian working bees demolished a shed, did maintenance work at Shantytown, maintained their adopted kilometre of the West Coast Wilderness Trail, and undertook refurbishment of the Weigh Station on the floodwall.
The club’s work extends internationally. Young women in the remote town of Misgar on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border are able to further their previously limited education to secondary and tertiary level due to the initiative and contributions from Greymouth Rotarians.
Greymouth Rotary membership is growing, with five new members joining during the past year. 

Previous Greymouth Rotary Presidents Trish Roney and Tania Stoop, current President cath Moffitt and President Elect Jo Hart.