Posted by Anna Bush on Oct 16, 2018
We are proud to welcome two young people to our District on a year long Rotary Youth Exchange. Moe is from Japan, is sponsored by Cashmere Rotary Club and is attending Cashmere High School, while Hans is from Denmark, is sponsored by Papanui Rotary Club and is attending Papanui High School. They recently joined six inbound exchanges from district 9980 (Southland/Otago/South Canterbury) on an 'induction' tour of the South Island.

Moe writes:
"I’m from Kuwana city, Mie prefecture, Japan. My city has many beautiful festivals and places to visit. For example, there is Ishidori festival, and it has been registered as World Heritage recently. It is known as the noisiest festival in Japan and took place in many places. But I think my city’s Ishidori festival is the most famous...
My best memories are going to ski trips with my host family and going on a South Island Tour. First, I went to lake Hawea to ski. I spent nice time and I could make relationships with my host family. It was my second experience of skiing, and my host mother taught me how to ski, so I was able to do skiing better. Secondly, I joined a South Island Tour in a Rotary event... The most people participating in this tour can speak English. I was so nervous and upset, but finally I made some friends. This tour made me stronger. I like New Zealand. It is so amazing. I really appreciate Rotary for giving such a great opportunity. I will study hard and speak more fluently. Thank you.”

And from Hans:
“...The highlight of my stay has without doubt been the South Island Tour, where I went around the South Island for 10 days with a bunch of other international students. We got to see so much stunning nature, and I did a 3 kilometer skydive. I am looking forwards to what the future brings very much, and I am very happy and grateful that I got the opportunity to go on this exchange.”

Both students have settled in very well with their host families and are learning a lot about the kiwi way of life. They both will be hosted by between 3-5 families during the stay here, this ensures that they have a wide range of family life and learn that there is always more than one way of facing an issue and getting a result. We appreciate the effort of all those Rotarians who have given their time and energy to ensure that these young people not only have a fantastic year but also learn about the impact Rotary has in all parts of the world.