Club of Belfast KaiapoiIn 2016 the kids at Northcote School faced a real risk of falling behind their peers in digital literacy skills... until the Rotary Club of Belfast Kaiapoi stepped up.
Rotary Club of Belfast Kaiapoi
In 2016 only three computers were shared across this low decile school resulting in limited access to digital technologies for students. This risked these children falling ever further behind their peers in digital literacy skills, crucial for our modern world.  The school struggled with financial support for its programmes and Rotary Club of Belfast Kaiapoi recognised this wide and ongoing need.

Rotary Club of Belfast Kaiapoi initially purchased 28 Chromebooks, together with dedicated mobile charging stations, and donated these to the school in 2016. The initial donation transformed learning at the school, allowing two classes access to the devices.
Chromebooks make learning flexible and portable. This allows students to focus while working alone and, when the time is right, connect to one another and collaborate online. Teachers are able to keep abreast of learners’ progress during class and provide assistance in real time.
This is a continuing project and Rotary Club of Belfast Kaiapoi donates Chromebooks and other digital devices to the school as and when they need replacing.
The club also provides an elected member to the Board of Trustees, ‘grandparent’ readers to support the school’s literacy programme, transport for inter-school sport, and sports equipment and storage facilities.  There's an ongoing support relationship.

The school principal says, “…. access to technology at school ensures the digital gap between the haves and the have-nots does not leave them at a disadvantage as they move through their education. It has also allowed us to access learning resources for our students which would not have otherwise been possible.”
Rotary Club of Belfast Kaiapoi