The Rotary Club of Hokitika has been helping provide clean drinking water in Pakistan with the help of a local priest.  
Rotary Hokitika set out to provide clean water, improve the health of the villagers, and free up time usually spent carrying water (on their heads) to the village, and eliminate water borne diseases like typhoid and dysentery in children.  
The Club provided funding to our own father Dan O’connor (from Hokitika) who is the parish priest in the city of Badin, Sindh. Dan bought the pumps and contracted out the well construction in the small rural villages in his parish, who are Muslim, Christian and Hindu.
Fantastic outcome!! From Fr. Dan ‘The village people, especially the women,are delighted and grateful that they have CLEAN SWEET DRINKING WATER in their own village. This saves them having to walk long distances carrying water on their head. Last month I drank water that was not sweet and I became very sick with typhoid.’   The verbal and physical abuse women were experiencing while away from the villages was eliminated.
The wells cost $NZ200-250, and  each village is asked to contribute $10-20 towards the project.