Working during visits to Nepal, Rotarians from Blenheim have helped with installing life changing stoves which will benefit families for generations to come.
The Rotary Club of Blenheim South's Paul and Frances Eden have been involved with community projects in the lower Solu Khumbu area of Nepal for a number of years. Currently their focus in on improving the lives of families through the installation of cooking fireplaces in local homes.

Funds in excess of $6000 were raised last year through the generosity of Rotary,  friends, and family. With the help of their contacts in the villages of Jubing and Khari Khola, they were able to install 53 fireplaces, made and installed by trained locals, in local family homes.

The benefits of these cooking stoves over the traditional open hearth are life changing and will benefit these families for generations to come. Some of the benefits include: the stoves flue smoke and fumes outside the home; 60% less fuel consumption; stoves generate an increased thermal heat than the traditional cooking methods; and are environmentally sustainable. 
The cost for production and installation of each fireplace is NZ$130.