Rotary Blenheim South has been supporting through to tertiary education, Cambodian children housed in shelters for abused girls, on leaving the shelter at age 18. 
Rotary Blenheim South has for many years provided support to CCPCR, a Cambodian child protection organisation with shelters for abused girls.  Girls who had passed their final high school exams had no prospect of advanced study and few real options other than a life of poverty on leaving the shelters at age 18. 

The Club and some members sponsored individual students who initially were housed in a large house / flat known as Jasmine House. A partnership with The Rotary Club of South Puget Sound USA also provided significant assistance.

Fourteen students have been assisted, two of whom are currently (2020) proceeding with Master Degree studies. Nine have already graduated with Bachelor degrees in Accounting, IT/Technology, Social Work, Law and Khmer Literature. One is is her final year studying Banking and Business.  Although four didn't complete their degrees, all students have ended up achieving greater opportunities for themselves with employment and / or marrying into new families as a result of their university associations.