District 9970 Rotarians can help out in a number of ways with Westport flooding relief. 
PDG Gary Hopkinson has been asked by DG Nick Courtney to coordinate our district's flood relief response.


Of course, first and most important is to establish the needs of the Westport Rotary Club and its community.

Civil Defence is currently coordinating the work on the ground and Greymouth Rotary has one of its members working on that team. They will leave eventually, and the work will fall on the shoulders of local CD personal. The Army and a Brethren response team are providing meals.
Rotary Westport President Peter Campbell is setting up a relief fund to distribute funds to those in need. There are many who will be underinsured or carry no insurance, and this is an area where we can help.  Peter and his team will work with the mayor who also has an emergency fund. (Greymouth Rotary had a similar arrangement post Pike River, and had a MOU to handle donated goods)


If you are able to make a donation to the Westport Rotary Club relief fund, please use these bank details:   
Westpac 03 0897 0015628 00
Foodbank Canterbury is delivering food to Westport.  John Milligan would appreciate support from those Christchurch Rotary clubs who support his organization.

Please hold off on donated goods at this time until the needs are established. Cash is King!  Providing bedding is going to be the biggest project according to Peter Campbell.

District 9970 is considering offering a self-supporting team of capable volunteers who have access to a campervan or caravan and can travel to Westport. We will be looking at providing basic building skills, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting.  A major challenge will be finding accommodation and tradespeople to do the work, which is why we need to be self-sufficient.

Peter has asked that we provide a clear capability schedule that can be coordinated after the insurance assessments have been completed. It is likely we will help those who are not insured, or under insured.  If you are available, have the skill set to help, and can be self-contained can you please fill out this simple form
It would be really helpful if any club has a team of volunteers available, that a club coordinator is nominated and that they contact Gary ( hopkinson1946@icloud.com  027 220 3301 ) to let him know who this is. 
Once we establish who might be available, and what the needs are, you will be contacted with more precise dates.