The Rotary Foundation is the international charity established by Rotary in 1918 to assist individual Rotary Clubs or groups of Rotary Clubs with community projects that are beyond their means, achieve Rotary Goals, and comply with strict governance procedures.
The Rotary Foundation's flagship project is the worldwide eradication of Polio.  The Rotary Foundation also funds hundreds of other projects around the world, including Peace Fellowships for selected individuals.
You can be confident that a donation to the Rotary Foundation will achieve more than an equivalent donation to most other charities: Every year of the past 12 years The Rotary Foundation has been awarded "four stars", the highest award offered for good governance and efficient operation by Charity Navigator - an organisation which monitors international charities.
Donations to the NZ-based charity Rotary New Zealand World Community Service Ltd are tax deductible here, and these are forwarded to The Rotary Foundation, (which is registered in the USA so donations directly to it are not tax-deductible in New Zealand).
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